Bringing groups together around food is a passion of mine. I’m always excited to take on another one of these.


Winter 2010 chef of Etsy’s in-house lunch program, Eatsy. Planned and executed a diverse range of seasonally-influenced meals, served family style for the company’s180 employees. Applied the company’s DIY ethos to everything we served- from homemade falafels to Yucatecan roast pork tacos and a dizzying array of pickles. The meals, sustainably sourced, diverse and delicious were enjoyed by the employees, as a whole community.


The San Jose Biennial launched with this food-media art project. A four course dinner, with dishes inspired by Spanish and Dutch 17th Century still life paintings, was accompanied by projections of replicated paintings that decomposed during the meal. Trippy. I created the first course, Eggplant and Onions Roasted in Coals with Tomato Confit, based on Luis Melendez’s painting, “Still Life with Tomatoes, a Bowl of Aubergines and Onions.”

Here are a few proud highlights: Started a culinary internship to mentor young chefs. Found a local farmer to grow vegetables exclusively for the resident chef. Lucky me! Wrote an initiative to fund an outdoor wood oven. The oven, a real beauty, was built by a local artisan. Brought in new garden volunteers to build a garden shed and create an outside dining area. Revamped compost system.

Created recipes and led workshops on how to safely preserve fruits and vegetables. Yes We Can encouraged large numbers of people to participate in communal food production. In its inaugural year, we canned over a thousand pounds of tomatoes, and made several hundred jars of Blenheim apricot jam and Bread and Butter pickles.

Researched and selected speakers, products and educational content for the Pickle Pavilion at the inaugural Slow Food Nation. Created standards and guidelines for the selection of artisanal pickle products from across the US. Collaborated with the architecture firm Sagan Piechota to design and build a pavilion inspired by the iconic Mason Jar. We created a visual marvel of over 3000 Mason jar lids suspended from the ceiling! Recruited and managed a volunteer staff of 30 to serve 9,000 people over 3 days.

Co-created a pop up store featuring homemade tarts, jams, curds, and apple juice using Sonoma County produce. Sold out over two weekends!


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